I want to help the Internet make a documentary about itself.

There is a fundamental shift occurring in media and it is happening right now... today.  The roles of producer and consumer are no longer a one way transaction.  We are seeing the roles reverse, even fold back in on themselves, such that "Next Media" is more of a conversation than a presentation.  

Take for example the music of Gotye.  He has created an inescapable piece of popular music in "Somebody that I Used to Know".  It plays everywhere, incessantly.  It is so popular that it began to inspire a significant community of cover artists on YouTube.  This is not new.  It's what happened next that changed everything.  Rather than bemoaning the copyright infringement and unauthorized use of his song, Gotye recognized a new source of inspiration himself.  His fans became his instruments, and he created the YouTube orchestra.  By sampling and reediting his fan's work he created a third work of his own.  Artist inspires fans who in turn re-inspire a new work from the artist.

It is with this communal approach that I want to create a crowd sourced documentary.  Through the outstanding work of TheOatmeal (Matthew Inman) a community has spontaneously created itself around the cause of saving Tesla's lab, Wardenclyffe.  They have accomplished in a matter of days what decades of effort could not.  I am curious to find out why.  What makes the internet stand up and take notice?  Crowd sourced funding brought Tesla's lab back from the brink, I'd like to see what a crowd sourced documentary would tell us about how and why it worked.


Here's how it could work.  We would need the cooperation and partnership of Matthew as he is the only person with direct access to the community of donors to the project.  They are both the subject of our film and in most respects they are also the filmmakers.  As soon as possible, we would need Matthew to announce this project through an update on his Indigogo page.  The post would be a call for action.  We would need an interview from as many of the donors as possible, and with short deadline.  "You have 3 days to get on your webcam and answer these 5 questions..."  This material would be tagged with #TeslaTalks so that we can find them and use them as the source material for a 15-30 minute documentary chronicling the Oatmeal fundraising campaign and present it on the IndieGogo page at the moment the campaign closes.

I want the internet to make a documentary about itself and how it can be a force for change and good in the world.