ReplayXD 1080 Review - Part 3

Well, my intent has been to post the results of my testing with the RePlay XD as compared to the other action cams on the market before posting the results from a real world production, but as luck and scheduling would have it, the testing has been on hold.  Sometimes real production gets in the way of testing, and thank goodness for it.

BCII has partnered with RePlayXD for 2 race related shows and a extreme environment documentary.  The camera have been a pleasure to work with and all of the features noted in my first post have proven as useful as I thought they would be.  There have been a few issues however that I hope can be addressed in future versions of the camera, and possibly even through firmware updates.  More on that in a bit.  I'd like to start with an example of just how beautiful these little cameras can look.  Here is a quick highlight video I cut from the Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational.  Every frame of this video was captured by on of 35 RePlayXD 1080's.