Drop Frame or Non Drop Frame?

I just recieved a message from a friend shooting a project in South Africa, he was curious about the implications of shooting Drop Frame vs Non Drop.  I've been asked this question a number of times over the years and there seems to always be a bit of confusion over whats actually going on.  Here's the answer I offered...
Drop frame has no effect on the actual speed of recording, it is merely a means of correcting for the difference between real "clock" time and video time.  Because of some oddities in the US power grid, video runs ever so slightly slower than real time.  What commonly referred to as 60hz power is actually 59.94 cycles per second.  This means we record 29.97 frames per second.  
This is a problem when you start counting frames.  Time code works under the assumption that we are recording 30 fps when in fact we are not.  This means that every minute we are 2 frames behind real time.  Over the course of a day, time code will lag behind by a minute and a half.  This means that your hour long TV show will actually be almost 1:04 long.
To make up for this, Drop Frame TC was created where the counter skips over 2 frames every minute except on the tenth minute.  The recorded frames are continuous, there is no actual dropped frames, just numbers that are skipped in the counting sequence.  This means that an hour of Time Code very closely matches an hour of Real Time.
So what to record?  In short, it doesn't matter.  Drop Frame is only really important when editing for broadcast, where an hour show really needs to be an hour long.  For shooting, it's essentially irrelevant.  If post is comfortable using DF, give them DF.  If they like NDF, give them that.  Just make sure that whatever you do is consistant across all devices.  Sound, Lockit Boxes, Slates etc.  If not, the time codes for each device will drift by 4 seconds every hour relative to each other.
Likewise make sure nothing is set to actually record 30 fps.  Certain gear has the ability to record either 29.97 or 30, in this case a device recording 30 is actually recording more frames in each second then the device set to record 29.97, these 2 will be very hard to sync up later.  The first firmware for the 5D only recorded 24p not 23.98, so syncing it other footage or devices was a nightmare.
Sorry for the long winded explanation, hope that helps.