Let me grab my stones...

Recently, I was asked to shoot 7 commercials in 4 days featuring Keystone Light's new personality, Keith Stone.  The vibe is slightly over the top, broad comedy with just a touch of spice.  We're trying to dovetail into the existing campaign while still putting our stamp on the look.  Keith is halfway between Dos Equis's "Most Interesting Man" and McGruber (maybe a little more toward McGruber).  All of this translates into a guy who is always in control, always in charge, and always smooth...


The lighting concept is fairly straight forward, big broad soft base light with a hot rim light for shape.  Our first location for the spots featuring Keith is a beautiful turn out in Griffith Park.  This is where Keith gets lost while searching for a fishing spot and ends up hooking up with a bevy of beautiful hikers.  "Are you lost?"  "No, looks like I'm right where I need to be..."


The location is in open dappled shade for most of the day.  A 20'x20' half soft frost helps tame the direct sunlight and is augmented with an array of 4x4 shiney boards, 4x4 glass mirrors (one of my favorite lighting tools) and an assortment of bead-board bounce.

The default setup used soft side 4x shiney boards for a rim.  On the girls, the rim was always wrapped around for more of a hair/separation light with it acting a little more frontal on Keith for modeling and to harden the angles of his face.


The girls received ample amounts of front side fill created with Rosco covered bead-board illuminated by the glass mirrors.

The cut is underway and will be approved by the agency and client shortly.  I look forward to sharing the final product in the weeks ahead.