So many curiosities.... so little time...

Today, my head is filled with too many interests and creative pursuits to actually be productive.  It's been an insane month with more production than ever and at a higher level than normal.  Now that the majority of it is behind me, I have a brief moment for my mind to wander.  On my mind today, travel tripods for spherical panoramas in Italy, the best drafting pencil in the world (for me), techniques for casting acrylic, and how to make a Moleskine notebook magically open on cue.



Well, my endeavor to find a writing implement led me to three choices that I quite like.  First up is the venerable Fisher Space Pen.  Simple, classic, and has a great story.  As for the pencils, my new Retro51 Tornado pairs nicely with my Mini Moleskines.  I wish I'd seen the Stealth before going for the Black and Chrome, maybe sometime down the line I'll get one.  And finally for the full sized desk pencil, the Pentel Sharp Kerry won out.  I fear this could be the start of something bad.