Panasonic HCK10G Product Review

I've had a HCK10G on and off for the past few weeks to try out in a variety of shooting scenarios and have a great deal of fondness for Panasonic's fore into POV cameras and one potentially deal breaking complaint.


I have started referring to the HCK10 as the "Stick of Butter" camera since it is a pretty good approximation of size, and calling it Twinkie seemed rude.  The camera is small, strong, and light.  It features a 10x optical zoom (equivalent to a 35mm lens from 43mm-430mm) and can accept a variety of screw on  wide angle adapters.  The head is about as simple as you can get.  A lens on the front, a 20pin screw lock connector on the back, vent holes on the sides, and a 1/4x20 mounting hole on the bottom.  Optical image stabilization rounds out the optics on this little dynamo.


I found out the hard way that although the HCK10 shares the same 20pin threaded connectors with the Toshiba ICE Cam, the pin outs are different and cables from either are not compatible.


Here's where I think Panasonic made a critical mistake with the HCK10 and why I've held off placing an order for the 10 I'd planned on purchasing for my driving plate rig.

A quick sample of the Panasonic HCK10G used for driving shots. Rolling shutter has produced about 15 degrees of skew on a car traveling only 15mph. "Jello-Cam" is also a problem.