Wrapped Chris Pureka, Wrecking Ball music video...

This weekend provided me with the honor and joy of meeting and collaborating with a remarkable young musician, Chris Pureka.  We just wrapped a 2 day shoot for her new song, Wrecking Ball under the direction of Melody Murray. The album and video are scheduled to debut in mid April. (See the video here)


Chris literally sent chills up my spine while filming, the last moment of the last shot of the first day will certainly be the final shot if the video, it is powerful, emotional, and intense... and all it is is Chris choosing the precise moment to make eye contact with my lens.  It was truly lightening in a bottle.  I'm very excited by the work we created and look forward to sharing the final product in the weeks to come.

Chris has posted some photos from the shoot to her MySpace Page.  All of them were shot by Andrea Alseri.