David C. Smith's long history in production is one of his strong suits as a cinematographer.  He began in the film business at the young age of 14 working as an editor and camera operator.  After ten years as an editor, owning his own production company, working in visual effects and having vast capabilities in engineering and design, he discovered his love for cinematography, the discipline that allows him to exercise his many talents.  His technical proficiency has enabled him to focus on story content and the quality of the image.  Some of his work includes many award winning and top rated shows such as Punk Payback, Living with Ed, and Car Crazy.


While the majority of Smith's work is in television, he has also lensed an impressive portfolio of a half dozen feature films and many national commercials including Keystone, and Meguiar's.   His feature documentary filmography includes the creation of the Boss 302 Mustang for Ford and the 2013 SRT Viper for Chrysler.

His most recent work incorporated a huge undertaking of coordinating 45 cameras in seven units for the comedy race series, Are You Faster Than A Redneck.  Premiering this fall as the anchor show on Speed Week for the Speed Channel, it is the largest production in the network's history.  He also continues his visual effects work creating the company shooting content for hit shows such as Weeds, Knight Rider, Beauty and the Beast, and A Gifted Man.  

Someone once said, "Give David a twig, a knife and a match and he'll make you whatever you want."   -   323.744.1447  -  IMDB